Sunday, 19 November 2017

20 April 2017 - Comfort food for breakfast

I was craving for my 멸치국수 anchovy noodles for breakfast, so I came back to 미정국수 0410I could not locate the picture of the shop but you can check out this blog for the picture.  This place has many outlets and you probably see it before ^^
Order via the kiosk.
I ordered the spicy anchovy noodles.

I think the exact location is not really the one shown by the blue marker.
Should be somewhere near the small alley as shown by the star
Nearest station for this Hongdae outlet is Hongik Univ Station, exit 9.
Less than 5 mins walk.

19 April 2017 - So so only Donkatsu at 돈까스대왕전

I love Donkatsu and decided to come here for dinner after I saw quite a number of good reviews about this place.

It was really so so only...and I could not finish it.
Check out this link to see the pictures,
You can reach there from Hapjeong Station, exit 3 or Sangsu Station, exit 1.
For me, I walked from Hongdae main shopping street.

19 April 2017 - Yummy Pork Bone soup rice set for breakfast!!

Making my way to 도마다리감자탕 for breakfast.  
Took the subway to Gwang Heung Chang Station, exit 4.  Make a U turn to the right.
도마다리감자탕 is just a few steps from Gwang Heung Chang Station, exit 4.

I ordered the top right one on the menu, 뼈해장국 7000won.

This was really good ^^

John Park 존 박 - 운명처럼 Fateful Love

I find that this song, this drama is so romantic.  
나도 방학 동안에 내 운명적인 사랑을 만났으면 좋겠어.

On a side note, I just came back from my 2nd home few days back and this song really touches my heart so much cos it reminds me of the times in Jeju beach cafes.  Hahaha not that I met somebody special, but it was those moments where I felt I was really on a vacation.  I kept receiving phone calls and msgs from my colleagues during this trip.  It was so frustrating and mentally exhausted but yet I couldn't scold them. It was only at the beach cafes that I completely zone out.  Cold?  아니요. 따뜻해.  Not at all. I felt warm at heart during those moments. 

I wish I can let go of everything here.
I want to be there for the rest of my life...

Ok...back to update posts for my Spring trip 2017 lol

Saturday, 28 October 2017

[사랑의 온도 OST Part 4] - It Has To Be You 꼭 너여야 해

Love this couple sooooo sooooo much!!!
Love this OST super muchhhh mucchhhh!!!!
Age doesn't matter as long the two person can connect.

사랑이었어 그게 다였어
여전히 그래
더 주지 못해 늘 기다렸어
조금 멀어져도 우린 닿을 수 밖에
사랑이란 참 착하지 못해
다가가면 늘 멀어지고
또 사랑이란 막 나쁘진 않게
한 번 더 내 옆에 널 불러주네
꼭 너여야 해 또 너여야만 해
내 안의 하나 그건 너였어 그리웠어
늘 따스했던 멈추지 않았던
그 웃음들이 다시 찾아와 우리 앞에
My love
하루 하루를 참아보려 애써
바쁘게 보낸 시간 속에
그래도 문득 떠오른 한 사람
그 사람 너인 걸
내 눈앞의 너
꼭 너여야 해 또 너여야만 해
내 안의 하나 그건 너였어 그리웠어
늘 따스했던 멈추지 않았던
그 웃음들이 다시 찾아와 우리 앞에
My love
하나뿐인 사랑이라
보고 있어도 그리운 넌데
사랑한다 이 말보다
더 좋은 말 너에게 해줄게
뜨겁지 않게 차갑지도 않게
그렇게 항상 지금처럼 널 따뜻하게
꼭 안아줄게 아프지는 않게
스쳐간 날들 다 돌려줄게 그 자리에
My love

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

18 April 2017 - 해장국 for dinner

Dinner at 일등식당.

Only one item on the menu cos they specialised in 해장국 Haejangguk 6000won.

This was so heavenly good!!
I was very lucky to get the last bowl.
I think they are opened very early in the morning till 9pm.
I reached here around 8.20pm and another girl reached 10mins later than me.
The last bowl was sold to me >_<
Nearest station is Mapo-gu Office Station, exit 5.
Took less than 5mins walk.

18 April 2017- Lobster roll!!

I reached here around 3pm. 

Either this...
Or this. 

랍스터 롤 Lobster roll Yummmmmmmzzzzzzz

I personally think this was pretty good and affordable.
In fact, I preferred this to
 Lobster Shack

You can check out for the location in Myeongdong.

18 April 2017 - A must for me

Breakfast in the apartment before I head out for some shoppings ^^
If you have been following my blog, you would have know that I will always cook fried rice using spam, kimchi, perilla leaves and roasted seaweed whenever I am back in Korea. It feels like something is missing if I dun eat this hahahahaha

17 April 2017 - My all time favorite things to do back home

One of my routine task on my first day back in Seoul, grocery shopping!!  
Love this so much ^^
Yayyyy this time I found this at Homeplus!!!

Can't wait to eat them!!
My happy purchase ^^
Plum drink.

17 April 2017 - Disappointing rainbow crepe cake

Passed by Billy Angel after a hair treatment in Hapjeong and decided to have cake for supper.
So hard to decide when I have a soft spot for cakes...
Finally, I settled for this rainbow crepe cake ^^
BUTttttt it was so disappointing 
I thought there was some unnatural syrup taste..... just practically killed my appetitte and I could not finish it.
The rose drink was nice though.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

17 April 2017 - Spicy ramyeon in ttukbaegi ^^

Made my way to this ramyeon place, 라면땡기는날 after giving thanks at Jogyesa.
At last, I came here after passing by so many times...

I chose the first one, Jampong Ramyeon and its spicy.
When Koreans say its spicy, its really spicy.

I simply love having my meals in this kind of eatery ^^
Oooooooooooo....I love my food served in these black stone pot, ttukbaegi 뚝배기 ^^
It came bubbling hot!!
Btw, I added a slice of cheese(500won) and an egg (500won) to my ramyeon (4000won)^^
By the time I finished taking pictures, all the bubbling effects have settled down ㅋㅋㅋ
If you think that my noodles have turned soggy by the time I ate, you are wrong!
I dun like soggy noodles and I felt the noodles was just starting to get cooked ^^
Andddddddd spicy!!
It will take about 5-10 mins walk (minus all the window shopping) to reach 라면땡기는날.
The blue dotted line depicts the direction to 삼청동 호떡 Samcheongdong Hotteok.
Insadong main street as shown by the purple arrow.