Wednesday, 28 August 2013

터치 러브

                                                                 이 노래를좋아.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Can't wait to go home once again!

At last, I have completed the updates on my Spring trip. It took me longer than usual to update this time becos I was distracted with my research for this upcoming trip in Autumn Hahahahaa. I can now finally concentrate on my research. Can't wait to go home once again! 

24th April 2013 - Leaving my heart in Seoul

Went back to the hotel for last minute packing.
This is one of my favourite shower gel which I bought from Lotte Mart.
There are a few types of scents.
My favourites are Cotton Flower and Rose.
Cheap and nice ^^
On the whole, I enjoyed my stay in Nana Residence although the room is small.
Definitely much better than Green Residence(Myeongdong).
Many thanks to all the staff of Nana Residence who have been very helpful and friendly.
정말 감사합니다 ^^

Boarded the airport limousine bus with a heavy heart.
Its always so depressing for the trip to Incheon Airport.....
안녕...I hope to be back soon.

Saw this at Incheon Airport.

It looks like a traditional Korean wedding for foreigners to experience Korean tradition.

My Asiana inflight meal consisted of fish and rice for dinner.
The other standard option is Bibimbap.
If I order Bibimbap, I will mix everything except the beef.
It tastes good.
For foreigners to enjoy Bibimbap, they also provide instructions on how to eat Bibimbap ^^

From day...

to night....
Under the same sky...You are so near yet so far...

24th April 2013 - Breakfast at Namdaemun

I took the subway to Hoehyeon Station, exit 5 for breakfast before checking out.

This is the place where I wanted to have my breakfast. I am always curious about this place whenever I pass by.The stacks of tray seem to be telling people that this is a popular eatery. This eatery is opposite the Kalguksu Alley. Direction to Kalguksu Alley as stated in my previous post, Namdaemun Kalguksu Alley.

The 아줌마 working here are perhaps from China.
I wouldn't know they are Chinese if they had not spoken Mandarin to me!  
What a surprise ^^
1) 손칼국수 Handmade noodles KRW5000

2) 냉면 Naengmyeon Cold noodles KRW5500

3) 쫄면 Jjolmyeon KRW5500. 
Click Aeriskitchen to see what is Jjolmyeon. Looks a bit like Bibim Guksu to me ㄱㄱㄱ 

4) 잔지국수 Janchi Guksu KRW5000. 
Click Topchefkorea to see how it looks like. Looks like our "Mee Suan" where its supposed to be eaten traditionally on birthdays. 잔지국수is also eaten during weddings, birthdays and festive events. Interesting ^^ 

5) 보리밥 Boribap KRW5500. 
From, I learnt that Boribap is a dish of steamed rice and barley that is often served with Doenjang Jjigae. I remembered eating Bori bibimbap at the Kalguksu Alley in my previous trip. It was delicious ^^ 

6) 찰밥 Chalbap KRW6000. 
From Aeriskitchen, I came to know that Chalbap is the stuffing used in Samgyetang. Something like sticky rice or rather glutinous rice. I wonder how is Chalbap served in this eatery. Could it be something like bibimbap in this case?? I don't know.

I ordered 손칼국수.  Looks good but I don't like it.
I preferred the noodles in the Kalguksu Alley.
Naengmyeon was served as a complimentary dish.

After I am done with my noodles, I walked over to Kalguksu Alley.
Nah...not to have another bowl of noodles.  I just wanna walk through this alley.

Bought a Kimchi mandu outside Kalguksu Alley.

Yum Yum!!
As good as before ^^

Hahahahaa...Guess what??  
I took the subway to Euljiro 1 ga for my Guma Guma again! 

Sweet Potato Latte....slurppp...I simple love it so much!!!
The sweet potato pastry or kueh was a bit too much for me though Hahahaaaa 
It was made of mainly sweet potato and I was so full.
Bought it becos the 아줌마 told me this is their top seller. 
I would prefer if 아줌마 had warmed it up for me. 
Alright, its time to go back to hotel for check out ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ

Sunday, 4 August 2013

23rd April 2013 - Nice ending for last day in Seoul....

All in hangul??

Fear not.
The menu is also available in English ^^

The place was not as bright as you see in my pictures.
It was actually quite dim and in orange light settings. Just like a pub.
I brighten the pictures so that its clearer to see.

Yesterday, 재 was telling me about Okinawa and suddenly I saw so many Okinawa dishes here!  
What a coincidence. 
We ordered Venus High Ball and Okinawa High Ball. 
Emily said she felt the kick ㄱㄱㄱ

I ordered Okinawa Home Meal.

Okinawa Shrimp Cheese Gratin and Spicey Garlic Chicken *Spicy ㄱㄱㄱ

Okinawa High Ball and Venus Mojito.
Not bad. Nice.

This was the best Spicy Garlic Chicken 스파이시갈릭치킨 I ever ate.
진짜 맛있네!!!  
It was not spicy at all. The garlic was so delicious and fragrant!
Emily agreeds with me too. 
Please order this dish if you come here!!
I think this is also a popular dish recommended by many Koreans.

오키나와 새우 치즈 그라탕 Okinawa Shrimp Cheese Gratin.
Very cheesy and comes with lots of shrimps!
Surprisingly, it has Tteok in it or was that Sujebi??
I am neither a fan of tteok 떡 nor a fan of Sujebi 수제비 but Emily likes it.
We could only finish half of this dish becos it gets a bit too much if you know what I mean.
In Malay, it means 
Finish this while its still hot or warm at least.

오키나와  가정식 Okinawa Home Meal ^^
Those who loves fatty pork aka "Kong Ba" in Hokkien will loves this.
Very homely meal indeed ㅎㅎㅎ
The waiter who took our order had a look in his eyes. 

Nope. He is not rude but probably thinking where are these foreigners from..
Omggg...They are such big eaters 
The waiters were quite surprise when they knew we are not locals.
In fact, they looked quite excited to see foreigners Hahahaa
By the way, if you like cute Korean guys, please come and check out this place 

Home made Sangria and Venus High Ball.
Emily said this is one of the best Sangria she ever had ^^
Ehh...What is that Kikkoman soy sauce doing in the background?
Hahahaaaa...I only realise it when I upload this picture.

I looked up by chance and realised the ceiling was beautifully lit up ^^
*Picture taken using S3

The washroom is on the second floor.
*Picture taken using S3

I think there are 3 levels but only two levels were opened up when I was there.
*Picture taken using S3

Some decors.
*Picture taken using S3

More decors.
*Picture taken using S3

Venus Kitchen 

I think the manager was trying to tell us they have a few outlets under different names but same management in the vicinity. I think so but I could not really remember what he said ㅎㅎ  I like the ambiance here and will come back again.  Please come here if you happen to be in Hongdae.

23rd April 2013 - Getting to 술파는꽃집

It rained the whole day and I had to cancel my trip to my favourite place, 반포대교
So disappointed ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ

Morale of the story: Don't wait till the last minute. Just do it.

I brought back my purchases to the hotel room before heading out to Hongdae for dinner at 술파는꽃집 with Emily. Met up with Emily at exit 9 of Hongdae Station. We approached the Tourist Information Centre nearby to confirm the direction to 술파는꽃집. I think 술파는꽃집 is a popular place for the locals. The staff knew the place instantly when I mentioned it. Just walk straight from the Tourist Information Centre and turn left as shown by the dotted line. The staff also confirm that the fountain at 반포대교 Banpo Bridge will not be in operation during rainy days. Sad..

So here we go. 
Out from the information centre. Cross the road and walk straight.
The weather was freaking cold becos of the rain...

You will pass by Ho Bar. Continue to walk straight.
You will see Hello Kitty Cafe if you turn left.

That's Hello Kitty Cafe if you turn left.
Nope. Hello Kitty is not my cup of tea, so I walked straight instead of turning left.

I continued to walk straight and saw "Understar".  
"Understar" is just a few steps away from Ho Bar.
 Turn left as shown.

You will see this small alley after turning left.  The alley will curve to the right.

You will see Caffe고리 once you turn right.

Yay!!  I found it.  
술파는꽃집 will be on your left and its just beside Caffe 고리.

I knew I got the right place when I saw their logo ^^

To what I know, 술파는꽃집is a popular pub cums restaurant among the Koreans.
The restaurant is called Venus Kitchen.
Do correct me if I am wrong.

23rd April 2013 - Supermarket, my all time favourite hang out.

If i did not remember wrongly, it was exit 7 of Euljiro 1-ga Station for Lotte Department Store.
 I went to the food section. 
It seemed like there was some kind of seafood or rather raw abalone fair going on.
Hmm...재 was just telling me about abalone yesterday.
 Is there a season for abalone?

There was a very long queue for this!
Was it really a good deal?  I forgot to check out the price -_-

So many side dishes made me excited but I will end up buying the basic onesㅎㅎ

Strangely, I am not  crazy over kimchi but my sister and sister in law will love this place.

They look so pretty and I am always tempted to buy it.
Not sure about the taste.
One day, I will buy a box back.


These are 떡, right?

I bought this to try.
Errhh...I don't like it cos it contains too many ingredients....

 I am more interested in this 치즈 케이 and 크고구마 케이 ㄱㄱㄱ
But I can eat no more...