Saturday, 23 February 2013

샤이니 - Dream Girl

Have been waiting so long for Shinee's new album!  I don't like this song when I first listen to it but I am now loving it!! Hur hur 

Friday, 22 February 2013

ZE:A 제국의 아이들 - 후유증

                           Didn't take much notice of this song until I watched "The Romantic & Idol" ^^

형식 & 지현 ^^


아... 지현 of 4Minute and 형식 of ZE:A look so good together as a couple, 그렇죠?  I like this couple so much and I really wish their relationship will work out well. "The Romantic & Idol"(I wonder how they come up with this name) is such a cruel yet funny show. There were so many embarrassing cruel moments but I am so glad that this couple has each other in their heart till the final stage ^^ 

I was hoping that they will chose each other in every round and they did except for one round. This video clip was one of the funny scene. Omgg...I was like, "형식!! What are you waiting for??? Its so obvious that the song is from 지현!"  I was really worried that the song will finish before he decided to go out!

Of the 4 guys, I like 형식 becos I like guys who have single eyelid, thin and gentle looking guy! Ermmm...Gentle looking but not gentle personality. Hahahaaaa
Hmmm...the program was filmed on the romantic island, Jeju Island, where I will be  heading to this April! 

Yup!!  I have booked my air tickets and accommodations  ^^  Wish me luck!

6th April 2013 till 24th April 2013: 
제주 - 7th April - 12th April (늘송파크텔)
여수/순천/남해 - 12th April ~ 15th April  (B&Beach Tourist Hotel)
서울 - 15th April ~ 24th April (Nana Residence@Myeongdong)

Sunday, 10 February 2013