Friday, 29 June 2012

14 April 2012 - 경희대학교 Kyunghee University

There were some students giving out pamphlets at the entrance.  I asked one of them if its ok for me to walk around the campus.  He looked surprised and replied, "Oh sure!"  

* Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

I asked one of the students if this exhibition showcased the history of the university.  She replied,"Yes."

Woww!!  I was so surprised to see this!  Is this another species of cherry blossom?

Suddenly, I missed those days in school...

Pink flowers again ㅋㅋㅋ

Little cutie reminds me of the time when I was learning how to ride a tricycle.

Oh, there will be a band performance here.  Interesting.

It was very nice and relaxing to walk around the beautiful campus and I almost forgotten my purpose of coming to Kyunghee University!!  KTO has recommended Kyunghee University as one of the best Spring time destination in Seoul to check out cherry blossom.  So far, I have yet to see any sight of cherry blossom..

Oh!!!  Finally, I saw a cherry blossom tree!!  There was a group of people from Hong Kong who were just as excited as me to see this tree. Hahahaa..
I wondered if I was too early for the peak bloom or did I missed out the best spot to see cherry blossom??  This was the only cherry blossom tree that I saw during my visit to the university. 

Ermm...Yeah...the above pictures were taken from the same cherry blossom tree.

I was drawn to the gorgeous building up the slope.

I saw this boy as I made my way up the steep slope.  He was really cute.

The little boy was struggling hard to go up the slope and was calling out to his 아버지 for help. His father did not went forward to lend him a helping hand but he cheered him on all the way.  I thought that was a very heart warming scene.  

Gorgeous building. It made me felt as though I was in Europe!  I am really curious about this building.  Do students come here for their lessons?? 

Getting down the slope to go back to the main entrance.  Time was running out.  I did not explore the entire school compound ...

안녕 Kyunghee University...
I wouldn't say that I had regrets of being able to see only one cherry blossom tree.  A walk around the campus was enough to make me reminisce the charm of this place for a long time.  

Thursday, 28 June 2012

14 April 2012 - Getting to 경희대학교 Kyunghee University

Yup. Its the same breakfast spread but I still find the food was really ok ^^  I liked the seaweed rice ball.  Does it have a name for it??   It looks easy to make.  Maybe I can try making it one day ^^
Well, the itinerary for the day was to check out 
Kyunghee University, Hongik University Street Art and Hongdae flea market.  I wanted to visit Kyunghee University becos it was one of the recommended place in Seoul to see cherry blossom.

I took the subway from Euljiro 1(il)-ga, line 2 to Hoegi station for Kyunghee University. Since Hoegi station was on line 1 towards the direction of Soyosan station, I had to transfer at Wangsimni station. Trying to locate the signboard for line 1 but I just couldn't find it. As I walked towards the end of the platform, I saw this signboard with Hoegi as one of the station. This line is called the Jungang line. I took the escalator up as directed....
...and I saw this signboard indicating line 1.  Its a bit confusing to me but I was glad to find the right way...  

Many people were standing here but they started to move away when they saw me taking this picture. 

You can see there's nobody standing towards at the other section of the platform.  Don't ask me why...I have no idea.  Perhaps its something like line 9?

Reached Hoegi station, exit 1.  Walk straight from here. 

Follow the directional sign to get to the university.
Cross the road to reach 7-11.   Just follow the signboard and walk straight. 

Cross the road to get to the right hand side. Follow the red arrow as shown in the picture and walk straight again.

Just keep on walking.  Along the way, you will see shops selling clothings and some eating outlets.

Just keep on walking straight.  The university is not far from here.  You can actually see the entrance of the university from here as shown by the red arrow.

Yup.  That's the entrance of  Kyunghee University. It took me about 15mins to reach here from Hoegi station.

Saw "Biya" when I was crossing the road. I heard "Biya" was popular for its 부대찌개 Budae jjigae. "Biya" was also one of the eating places in my itinerary. I will save this place when I visit the neighbourhood of Anam in the next few days ^^