Monday, 30 April 2012

Very very tempted!!!

Saw this piece of information from Cnngo on FB.  Omgggg!! Tempted tempted most tempted!!!!  I can still remember how my siblings and I made it to the top of Sunrise Peak when we went to Jeju many years ago!  Jae told me about the rape flowers or rapeseed flowers. Whichever.  I love flowers!  The big field of rapeseed flowers is definitely one of the reason why I will be there!  Hmm...quite surprised to know that the flowers peak from early till mid April  ^^ 

Sunday, 29 April 2012

5 April 2012 - Getting to Taejongdae

Finally, I am into my 4th day in Busan!  Hahahaa...Yeah, I knew my posts can be rather long winded but being able to pen down each and every incident helped me to remember better and reminisce the overall experience for this trip.  
The itinerary for the day was Taejongdae, Busan Aquarium at Haeundae Beach, 광안리해수욕장 Gwangalli Beach and Namcheon dong Cherry Blossom Street.
I have been to Taejongdae during my previous trip to Busan but I wanted to go there again on public bus  ^^  

Breakfast of Panini Toast with Hot Americano for KRW6500 at Cafe Pascucci to start the day  ^^  I don't like coffee but it came in a set.  I shouldn't have taken the set...
우체국!   A place that I need badly for this trip!   Hahahaaa...
Saw a post office opposite Cafe Pascucci while having my breakfast. 
Now I know where's the nearest post office for me  ^^
After a good breakfast, I walked to Nampo Station, exit 6 to take bus no. 8 to Taejongdae Park.

Keeping to my right.  The bus stop is just ahead.

Many buses here.

I think there are a few buses to Taejongdae Park but I stick to bus no.8.  There was no bus no. 8 at the first bus stop, so I walked to the second bus stop which was only a few steps away from the first bus stop.  Yup, bus no.8 is available at the second bus stop. 

Saw a Chinese herb shop while waiting at the bus stop.

I confirmed with the bus driver if this bus goes to Taejongdae.   He replied,"네. 태종대." Boarded bus no. 8 at 10.05am.  Tapped my mybi card and it gave out a loud beep. Oops! That's when I realised I didn't top up my mybi card. embarassing!   

I asked the bus driver how much it would cost to go Taejongdae.  He replied smartly, "One thousand two hundreds."    Waooo!  Cool!  His English is not bad!   It was hot and stuffy in the bus.  I looked around to see if there's anyone opening the windows because the windows were shut.   Yes, there were others who opened their windows as well.  I opened mine slightly...

Cherry blossom trees along the way  ^^

They will be full bloom real soon  ^^

4 April 2012 - 해물 칼국수 for dinner

Ok set! 칼국수 it shall be!
This restaurant was located near the tents for Saju reading.

The menu

Long list of food menu but my mind was already set on 해물 칼국수.
There were only three customers when I entered the place.

맛있다 ^^

I wanted to go back to the motel after dinner.  It was dark and I had no idea where I was...  
Busy road at night...

Since I didn't know where was I, I decided to walk along the main road to get to the nearest subway station.  It happened to be Jagalchi station. 

I took the subway to Nampo station.  Felt most stupid when I came out from exit 7.   This was where I walked just now!!  Omggg...
I knew I was somewhere near the motel and I have walked passed all these shops at least 3 times.  Really don't trust my sense of direction at night..I showed the map and asked a salesperson who can speak quite fluent English.  He gave me the direction...I also ask two high school students along the way.  Their English was not bad but they were not sure of the direction.  After bumping here and there, I finally got back to the motel. By then, I can feel that my bowl of 칼국수 had been digested  -__-  
Actually, I wanted to book the night city tour last night for today but I changed my mind because it was very cold... Well, another reason to come Busan again!  Hahahaa...

4 April 2012 - Touring around the market

송승헌  Song Seung-heon !!!  

Reminds me of Samcheongdong  ^^

I was searching for my dinner and landed up in this place which looked like a market.   

We also have seamstress back in Singapore markets.

Different alleys selling different items.  I remembered there were a few shops in one of the alleys selling vintage clothings, which were quite nice.

She was taking out the frozen fish.  Does that mean she will be selling fish at night? 

I am always excited and tempted to buy something back to Singapore whenever I came across all these pots!!  I didn't though...

So cuteeeeee!  I wished I can buy all of them!!  Trying to come up with an excuse to buy something from here but logical analysis ruled out all my excuses ㅠㅠ

Colorful things never fail to catch my attention!

I was hungry...There were just too many alleys for me to complete them all, so I decided to take the nearest exit and saw this signage.

Another alley beside the one which I exited.

Shopping at supermarkets is one of my favourite activity especially when I am in foreign countries!

딸기!  So cheap but I didn't buy it cos I knew I won't be able to finish such big box within three days..Strawberries do not keep well.  

A lot of tents for Saju and Tarot card reading.  I tried asking one of them but they can't speak English.   At this point of time, I was still searching for my food cos I didn't know what to eat.  

4 April 2012 - 용두산공원 Yongdusan Park

Reminded myself several times, "refrain, refrain refrain."   I have to refrain myself from shopping too much because I didn't want to carry a heavy luggage to Seoul. was not easy to refrain myself from shopping because Elysee Motel is so strategically located near to the shopping area! It was almost 6pm and I decided to check out 용두산공원 Yongdusan Park. Thank goodness I love sightseeing, it helped me to shop lesser!

 Took the escalator up for the park and saw this painting along the way.

Saw this little corner along the way up.


More escalators to come, this is not the last one.

First sight of Yongdusan Park  ^^

Small shops just before I entered the park.  

A peaceful evening  ^^

Saw a lot of such big white flowers in this trip.
 They don't look big in this picture but its about a fist size.
I always wonder why so many big flowers can grow on a single tree.  May sound silly to you but I really wonder why...Jihye said that's the wonders of nature.

오모!  First sight of cherry blossom!!!!  The purpose of this spring trip was Cherry Blossom!  It made me so excited that I spent at least 15 mins to take pictures on this tree!!   
I didn't expect to see cherry blossom in tints of red because the pictures that I saw online was mainly of very light pink or white colors perhaps.
* Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

I guessed they were not in full bloom yet.  I thought of coming again before I leave Busan.  

I must confess why I spent at least 15 mins on one single tree...Beside being excited that it was the first time in my whole life to see a real cherry blossom, the wind was so strong and images captured were mostly blurred.  Thirdly and most importantly, I don't have the skill to capture its beauty!!!  Hahahaaa...

Felt a bit silly when I saw there's more cherry blossom....

The big bell

Busan Tower right ahead

The guy in the middle was teaching his friends how to dance.

I think this is the statue of Admiral Lee Sun-Shin.  Correct me if I am wrong..
A historical hero whom I admired a lot after reading the history.

I think this was the ticket counter to buy tickets for Busan Tower.  
Its not expensive but I did not thought of going up the tower.

Though I did not went up the tower, but I went to a higher ground, something like an observatory.

Lots of tourists but they were leaving when I reached.  

Love locks again!  Just like the ones in  Seoul Tower but this was on a much smaller scale.  I wondered who started the first lock  ㅋㅋㅋ

So cute  ^^
Was that a 100 days anniversary?   May you guys be happily together ^^

View from another side of the observatory

That marks the end of my tour at Yongdusan Park.  Dinner is next!!