Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Tomorrow 1st Mar is a national holiday in Korea...It is Independence Movement Day, known as 삼일절 Samil-jeol in Korea.  
How I wish tomorrow is a holiday in Singapore as well! Hahahahaaa...yeah...although its 32 days away but I have no mood to work already..!!  March is a busy month for me at work but that's ok!  I can see my beloved Seoul very soon!  회이팅!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Jeju City Tour Bus to Begin Trial Runs

Yippieeeee!!!   Just saw this piece of good news from KTO.   It says that Jeju is launching a City Bus Tour! 
Check out this link Jeju City Tour Bus to Begin Trial Runs from 2 Mar till May 2012

This is certainly a happy news to all tourists!  Getting around Jeju island without a vehicle is rather inconvenient.  I hoped this launch of city tour will be successful  ^^    So tempted to include Jeju in my upcoming trip as well!  Ooppsss!!  I guess I can't be too greedy  Hahhaaa...   *Control.....
Next trip perhaps ㅎㅎㅎ 

Saturday, 25 February 2012


37 days to go...somehow I felt kinda of empty more than excited.... Felt a bit uneasy that I completed my research and itinerary within 2 months, as compared to my previous solo trip which took me about 9 may think I am been "Kiasu"....hahahahaa...typical Singaporeans but it makes me more confident.  
Extended my trip from 16 days to 17 days *hur hur 
Not enough...I wanna stay in Korea...

Nope its not cold at all in Singapore...its super duper hot and humid.....너무 덥다....!!
I like this song, "추워요" but ignore the meanings of the lyrics for this song cos I think its too sad.    송지은, Song Jieun from Secret sang it really well.  This song, "추워요"  is one of the OST for "부탁해요, 캡틴".   

Lyrics :
사랑하다 아픈 건
눈물이 약인 건데

그댄 아무 잘못 없는데
자꾸 미안하대요

날 위해 울지 마요
괜찮아요 다 이해해요
울보죠 그대란 사람
그렇게 여려 어떻게 보내요

나의 사랑은 너무나 추워요
가슴 시려요 떠나가면 안돼요
좋은 기억이 다 얼어서
지우지 못하면 녹지 않으면

햇살마저 차갑죠
그대 없는 하루는
두 손 모자라게 많아요
그댈 떠올리는 일

날 위해 웃지 마요
힘들단 걸 난 잘 아니까

바보죠 그대란 사람
나 걱정돼서 어떻게 갈래요

나의 사랑은 너무나 추워요
가슴 시려요 떠나가면 안돼요
좋은 기억이 다 얼어서
지우지 못하면 녹지 않으면

그만 돌아서 가세요
서성이면 잡을지 모르니까
스치지도 말아요 마주치지 말아요
달려가 와락 안길 테니까

오직 그대만 바라고 바래요
내 맘 알아도 다가오면 안돼요
또 다시 그댈 사랑해도
아픔만 줄까 봐 눈물 줄까 봐
그댄 기억이 더 춥죠

Lyrics extracted from

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Jinhae Gunhangje Festival 2012

Yay!  KTO has just updated the events taking place in Spring!  Jinhae Cherry Blossom is one of the highlights for my upcoming trip.  Can't wait for the announcement on 2012 schedule for Cherry Blossom in Korea  ^^  Its amazing how the Japanese and Koreans can forecast the blooming schedule for Cherry Blossom.
As updated by KTO,
  • Jinhae Gunhangje (Cherry Blossom) Festival will take place from 1 April - 10 April
  • Nonsan Strawberry Festival will take place from 13 April - 15 April
Although there are quite a number of reviews that Nonsan Strawberry Festival is nothing much, but more like an expo instead of strawberry farms around the festive grounds.  Whatever it is , I still want to check it out  ^^

My current favourite drama is 부탁해요 캡틴 ^^    지진희 Ji Jin-Hee was never my favourite actor but because of this drama, he made it top to my list of favourite Korean artists!   ㅎㅎㅎ  The other character that I liked in this drama is the little girl, Han Da-Yeon.  Her real name was Kal So-Won 갈소원.  Omggggg, she is just so soooo adorable!!
Although this drama is not the usual romance comedy that I like, but I think this is a very interesting drama.  Well, at least for a start as I am only into the 5th episode.  Hope it doesn't have too much sad scenes as the story goes on... Ever since I started watching this drama, I am even more appreciative of the hard work put in by each and everyone who makes the flight journey safe and smooth.   

Monday, 13 February 2012

Kkottongnae - "Flower Village" in Korea

Korea was featured in the first episode of "The Activist Journey II".  Click here Big Heart; Big Love at Kkotongnae to view this local program.

I missed this program as I was doing overtime over the weekends.  Fortunately, I can view the program at "Catch-Up TV" from xinmsn...    Its heart wrenching to see people suffering in different parts of the world, but at the same time, there are also people wasting resources in some other parts of the world...
Last month, I visited my friend during Chinese New Year.  All the lighting, air conditioning and fans were switched on but nobody was using them.  Her parents were around, otherwise I would have told her off.
We are too fortunate and take things for granted easily....I must also constantly remind myself not to take things for granted..
Although those vagrants in the video did not have a place where they can call home, and can barely feed themselves but they are not stingy in giving some money to those who are worse off than them.   This spirit of giving touch my heart.   It is indeed a great blessing to be able to give and share.   
I notice the founder of Kkottongnae cultivates loving kindness to all, regardless of who the person is.   It doesn't matter who you are, where you are from and what religion you believe in.  All it takes, is a big heart to give unconditional love to all, and see everyone as an equal individual with no judgements involved.   However, this is not easy at all.   People who needs help does not need people to pity them.  All they need is a helping hand and respect to get them back on their feet. 

Website of Kkottongnae