Monday, 31 October 2011

14 Oct 2011 - Quick visit to Itaewon underground market on a raining day

First stop for the day was to check out Itaewon Underground Market.  I'm not really into Itaewon because there are many foreigners.  I prefer places with mainly Korean...bias?   Yap.  I am but I don't care.  
There was a foreigner who approached me with a piece of paper bearing the word, "Subway" and   "지하철".   This reminded me of myself!!  I did that too  ㅎㅎㅎ   It comes in very handy to write down the names of the places you wanted to go in hangul. 
Till now, I still don't understand why I replied that foreigner in Korean, "지하철?"   He nodded and walked towards the direction that I pointed out to him. 

I walked straight after I came out from Itaewon station, exit 4.  Somehow I did not follow my map and wondered off the track by turning to my left and walked down this lane....

 and saw this alley....

Not long after...I saw this blue sign board on my right.  I still arrive at my destination after all  ㅎㅎㅎ

If I had followed my map, I will see this yellow sign board instead.  The route on my map was to walk straight for less then 10 mins from exit 4 of Itaewon Station.  You will see this big yellow sign board on the left, just before the second bus stop. 
I think there are two levels in the underground market.  I entered from the lower level and exited from the second level which is this entrance that has this yellow sign board.

Steep staircase is common. 

Its steep but I wanted to check out what's down there...

Jo In-sung 조인성!!!   This was my first encounter with "him" at the subway station  ^^  So happy that he was finally out from military service!!   He has so many commercial ads  ^^  Can't wait to watch his drama and movie once again! 

14 Oct 2011 - Breakfast at Coffine Gurunaru

Woke up at Korea time, 9am today...a bit later then usual.  I had intended to visit Buam dong, Naksan Park and Ihwa-dong etc today. It was raining non stop so I decided to change my plan to visit Itaewon, Yangjae Stream and Gangnam today instead. Had my breakfast at the cafe right next to my hotel before heading out. 

    치즈!!  My favourite and first choice always  ^^  
    My yummy Parmesan bread set at Coffine Gurunaru.  
Its KRW 6800 for this set  ^^  
Eat it while its fresh and hot from the oven!
* Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

Sunday, 30 October 2011

13 Oct 2011 - 호프 with 재

We passed by a restaurant which was very near the park and decided to settle on this place for dinner. 
 Yeah!  Chicken and beer  ^^  
 A popular combination in Korea!

Korean popcorns ??
 ordered a combination of garlic fried chicken and fried chicken with sauce. The chickens were so yummy. By the way, Korean beer is very nice!  Light, smooth and not so gassy.

13 Oct 2011 - Leisure walk around ilsan Lake Park

There were quite a number of cafes, restaurants and museums in Heyri Art Village.  However, not every place is open daily.  If you have any particular place to visit, you may want to check further on its operating days and hours.  After driving around Heyri Art Village for a while, we decided its time to go over to the nearby ilsan Lake Park. By the way, parking charges at ilsan Park was not expensive at all but I can't remember the exact charges. 

Ilsan Lake Park is big! This trip to Seoul has made me realised that there are so many nice and beautiful parks in Seoul. 

I think its nice to come here with your love ones.  The weather and surrounding is so nice for a walk and even family outings.  

Surprisingly, the water was clear  ^^

Did I say I took a lot of pictures of trees??  맞아  That's right  ^^

It was nice sitting here.

PET is the abbreviation for Polyethylen-terephthalat, which is commonly used as a raw material for making packaging materials such as bottles and containers. Examples include soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, detergents, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and edible oil. I am so silly to tell Jae that this label gave me the impression that one can throw their pets inside 바보 ㅠㅠ 
Hmmm...I think this word is not commonly used in Singapore. Are we using labels like, "Papers", "Plastic", "Metals" ??? Well, at least I learnt something.

The park is big and we decided to take a bus back to the car park by crossing an overhead bridge to get to the opposite side. However, we were not too sure when is the next bus coming, we took a taxi instead. I think the taxi fare was less than SGD $3.

 Steep slopes again! 

13 Oct 2011 - Lunch with 재 at Heyri Art Village

 told me this eating table is called 밥상 (Bapsang).  I prefer eating on this type of table ^^   I have the urge to buy a bapsang and a ramen pot back to Singapore  ㅋㅋㅋ
It did not took me long to decide what I wanted to eat.  I zoomed straight into one of my favorite Korean food, 자장면 (Jajangmyeon).

 asked me, " Do you know how to use the chopsticks?"  I was puzzled when he asked me this question. I replied, "Of course." I came to understand why he asked me this question the moment I tried to "grip" the noodles with the flat metal chopsticks! Hahahaaaa
I have been using chopsticks for the longest time in Singapore and it was never a problem for me till that moment! It was not easy to hold the slippery noodles with the flat metal chopsticks but somehow I managed without creating a mess ㅎㅎㅎ  Anyway, I don't regret using the metal chopsticks at all ^^
's Bibimbap looks really good and healthy especially after he mixed it  ^^

My cute wrist bands ^^

My cute wrist bands ^^   One wrist band per ticket for entry to Dalki Space. Credit goes to Jae for keeping the wrist bands nicely intact.  I will never have the patience for myself to remove this from my wrist. 
I will use a pair of scissors!!  hahahaaa  They became a happy souvenir for me.  너무 고마워요  ^^

Happy  ^^

13 Oct 2011 - Dalki Space(Heyri Art Village) with Jae

아.....finally, I can talk about 13 Oct 2011!  13 Oct was a special day for me because I can meet up with Jae and fulfill my long time wish to visiti Dalki Theme Park at Heyri Art Village.  Heyri Art Village is out of Seoul and Jae was really nice to take me there.  너무 너무 감사 합니다 ^^

Sunny bright weather in Autumn

So happy to catch the first sight of Dalki ^^  There were many school children.  Children are cutee but Korean children are soooo cuteeeeee !   Some of them even have their hair permed!   So cute!  You can say that I am bias but I don't care.  난 상관 없어.  한국 어린이 너무 귀엽다.
I guessed the colors has faded over time but I am still very excited to see Dalki  ^^

A common sentence which you will see in a map.
I think its something like "We are here".
Do correct me if I am wrong ^^

Big Dalki!!!

So happy to be surrounded with Dalki and her friends  ^^

I want a locker like this ㅜㅜ

숙녀 means "Ladies".   Poor Dalki looks kinda constipated...

Subak doesn't look good either....

Poor Dongchimee...I heard that he is only creative in dungs...

Creativity hits the ceiling ^^

Poor Dalki having constipation...Jae told me constipation is 변비(Byeon Bi). That sounds like constipation in Mandarin 便秘(Bian Mi). I can't remember the Japanese pronounciation but it sounds almost the same as well.  Interesting.

*Kimchi ^^

So sweet...... Muackss  ^^

Looks like a bus stop to me  ㅋㅋㅋ  There's a counter right beside this "bus stop" where you can buy your tickets to gain access to Dalki Space.

Big Dolbam

They looked weird in each other clothings but I know Subak is happy to be beside Dalki ^^

Grouchy Subak...
왜?  Becos Dalki is not beside you?

Big Lemon Girl  ^^

Dalki Cafe!  Jae bought a Kiwi drink and a Strawberry drink here.  You can bring the drinks into the Dalki Space.
Inside Dalki Cafe  ^^


I think this is the beginning of Dalki Space but do correct me if I am wrong.  You need to buy tickets in order to gain access to it.  This game on the right is something like our local "Hopscotch".   

Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

I looked worse than this when I have to do Mathematics  ㅠㅠ



Heaven for little kids ^^ and perhaps big boys as well ㅋㅋㅋ

I have a sudden urge to convert my room into a Dalki Theme!!

Wish I can shrink myself and play with them ㅎㅎㅎ

Do Re Mi Fa So  ^^

There were many little cutie pie that day  ^^