Sunday, 22 April 2018

4 Nov 2017 - Yummy seaweed soup for dinner ^^

I took bus no. 202 from Bomnal Cafe to 제주해물밥 for my dinner.
Got on the bus at 5.05pm and reached here at 5.38pm.
Cross the road and walk according to the route to reach the restaurant.
Took about 4 mins.
Found a table by the window ^^
I was surprised by the spread ^^
This 전복성게미역국 Abalone Seaweed Soup (15000won) was so niceeee ^^
One abalone ㅋㅋㅋ
The moment of happiness when I dumped my rice into my soup ^^
I don't know the name of this seafood but this was very fresh, soft and tasted pretty good.

My guess of that seafood is this one but I am not sure.
I emptied all the plates lol
They have English menu.
Here's another blogger for your reference on this restaurant.

It was dark when I reached here so I did not take any pictures of the surroundings.
However, I went back again during my recent trip.
Will post them next time... will take some

4 Nov 2017 - Bomnal cafe

Rushing for time so I took a taxi from 대우정 to this cafe.
Came here becos of the drama,"맨도롱 또똣" lol
Took the taxi at 4.49pm, starting fare of 2800won and reached here at around 5.30pm.
The taxi was 19900won.
Got to buy a drink first before you can enter the cafe.
If I did not remember wrongly, there was no food menu.

I super like this area especially at the side facing the ocean.
It was so therepeutic to the mind to sit here!
I was lucky to get this corner ^^
So missing this place......
It was cold but with the right clothing, I love this moment so much.

G Dragon's cafe, Cafe Aewol Monsant 카페 애월 드 몽상 can be seen from here(The one on the left).

Walking over since it was just few steps away from Bomnal. 

Outside Cafe Aewol Monsant.
Actually, I dun really enjoy this cafe. G D's cafe lor.
It was very crowded inside the cafe and I just wanna get out.
Outside the cafe was much better.
I liked the surroundings expecially during sunset.
He has recently open another cafe at Shinhwa World Resort but I did not check it out during my Spring trip 2018 hahahah
No offence but just not interested...
I walked out to the main road to take bus no.202 from bus stop, "한담동" to the place for my dinner.
Got to cross the road to take the bus towards Jeju Bus Terminal.
Took about 5mins from the cafe to reach the bus stop.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

4 Nov 2017 - Hotstone rice for lunch

I took bus no. 230-1 from the bus stop, "제주 돌문화 공원 Jeju Stone Park" at 1.29pm back to Jeju Bus Terminal.
No need to cross the road to take bus for the return trip.
Reached the bus terminal at 2.03pm and walked over here for lunch.
I wanted to try the first item.

This was one of the popular item on the menu.
The one I wanted was not in this menu but shown on the board menu outside the restuarant.

I came here for this 소라성게돌솥밥.
I think its something like a sea urchin hotstone rice, whereby you mixed in margarine and sauce into the rice.
The waitress told me to mix a bit of margarine but I added a lot cos I like the margarine taste lol

Mixed it!!
I added the soup after I finished the rice.
It was so so delicious!!
Koreans called this scorched rice crust as 누룽지 Nurungji.
When my Korean friend introduced Nurungji to me, he added plain water into the rice crust.
Healthy taste but I preferred to use soup instead of water ㅎㅎㅎ
More tasty definitely ㅎㅎㅎ
It took me less than 10 mins to reach 대우정 from Jeju Bus Terminal.

4 Nov 2017 - 4th stop at Ecoland Theme Park - Lavender, Green Tea & Rose Garden Station

At the last stop, Lavender, Green Tea & Rose Garden Station.
Although I did not have much expectation becos of the season, but a little part of me was still quite disappointed to see bare plants.

View from the observatory. 
It was a very small place.
Since there was not much flowers to see, I only spent about 10mins here.
Time to head back to the Main Station.
On the whole, I think Ecoland is quite a nice place to check out.

4 Nov 2017 - 3rd stop at Ecoland Theme Park - Picnic Garden Station

At Picnic Garden Station, there are two places to explore.
Kids Town and Eco Road.
I only check out the Eco Road but I think kids will like the space at Kids Town.
It was quite spacious for them to run around especially at the Grass Plaza.
To Eco Road.

So cute & so true!

There are two courses, long and short courses.
I took the long one but it was also not that long.

Website indicates 40mins to complete the long course.
I am not sure how long I took.
Alright, time to move off to the last stop, 
Lavender, Green Tea & Rose Garden Station.