Sunday, 4 December 2016

13 Nov 2016 - Becos of 쇼핑왕 루이 ㅋㅋㅋ

Breakfast before heading out for my hike.
The prawn flavour raymeon was not as yummy as those Kimchi flavour ramyeon.
I dun really like coffee but becos 루이 keep talking about Maxim in the drama so it got me tempted as well.
My Korean friends find that Singapore coffee is too strong for them.
As compared to Korean coffee, I think Singapore coffee is much stronger.
That was why I used two packets of Maxim but of course, my coffee turned out rather sweet lol
After so many trips back to my 2nd home, I finally bought Maxim back this time but I bought the slightly stronger flavour ones.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

12 Nov 2016 - 1st dinner in Jeongeup

Jajangmyeon 자장면 for dinner at a random eatery near Jeongeup train station.
The sauce was too sweet for me but the noodles was good. 
My indulgence only during vacation lol
Really need this after a long day.  

12 Nov 2016 - Exploring Baekyangsa Temple 백양사

Taking the train from Jeongeup Station to Baekyangsa Station.  My train was supposed to depart at 1.18pm but thank god it arrived a few mins late. Hahaha yeah. I was late but I managed to catch the train.  This was the first time I encountered this becos the trains are always so punctual in Korea. 
Took a taxi from Baekyangsa Station at 1.27pm. Starting fare was 3500 won. I reached the ticket counter at 1.53pm.  Probably due to the peak period of the foliage, there was a slight jam and the taxi fare was about 17500 won. 

3000 won for entry.

The place was obviously beautiful ^^
I couldn't stop smiling when I reached here!
I shall let my pictures do the talking.

Many people wanted to get a nice picture of the place with the mountain in the background.
Actually, I find this was a bit dangerous...

안녕 ^^
Time to head back to the train station.
It was not a very big place and I took about 1.5hours to explore it.
 I saw a bus stop but decided to walk out to the main road to catch a taxi. 

 That's the bus stop.

I didn't take try waiting for the bus.
 I think this is the bus time table from Baeyangsa to Jangseong bus terminal & station(on the left column) and Baeyangsa Station(right column).

Bus time table to Gwangju.

After walking for a long time, I still have no luck to get a taxi. I decided to walk back to this hotel, Baekyang Tourist Hotel 백양관광호텔 to get help in calling for a taxi. The staff was so nice and kind. Without hesitation, they made a few calls and finally managed to get a taxi for me. I got on the taxi at 4.38pm. My train back to Jeongeup was supposed to leave at 4.24pm. The next available train to Jeongeup was a few hours later, so I decided to take the taxi back to Jeongeup. I saw a Lotte Mart "not too far" from my hotel, so I requested taxi uncle to drive me to Lotte Mart and arrived at 5.05pm. The taxi fare was 34500 won.
The red circle at the bottom of this picture was where I stayed.
Jeongeup station is in the middle of Lotte Mart and my hotel. 
I was so surprise to see this!!
Cheese makgeolli 치즈 막걸리!!
This was so so so so niceeeee!!!!!
I decided to walk back to my hotel from Lotte Mart.
Ehhh....not sure whether it was a correct decision, it took me about 15-20mins walk??
Finally I reached Jeongeup station.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

12 Nov 2016 - First meal back home!

Heading out for lunch before going to 백양사 Baegyangsa ^^
So hungry because I did not have time for breakfast since I touched down.
The motel's 아줌마 ajumma recommended an eatery that specialized in Gamjatang.
The eatery was about 3 mins walk away from the motel and directly opposite the Jeongeup train station.
This was the place which ajumma had recommended, 원조감자탕.
(Took this picture at night)

  1. 뼈해장국 Haejangguk 7000won
  2. 바지락칼국수 Clams soup noodle 6000won
  3. 김치전골 Kimchi stew 7000won
  4. 시래기된장국 Dried radish soup 5000won
I ordered 뼈해장국 Haejangguk. So far from my experience, eateries that specialize in Gamjatang will put 뼈해장국 Haejangguk instead of Gamjatang for one person portion on their menu.  
Honestly speaking, I did not feel this was as good as what 아줌마 ajumma had recommended. Gamjatang is my all time favourite Korean food and the taste for this soup was not as strong as what I had expected. Well, it was ok but somehow I felt it lacked something. Nevertheless, it warmed my tummy from the cold weather ^^
My weakness.....rice in soup...

Monday, 28 November 2016

12 Nov 2015 - New Prince Tourism Motel 뉴프린스 관광 모텔

From Jeongeup Station, I crossed the road and walked over to my accommodation.
That's my accommodation, New Prince Tourism Motel 뉴프린스 관광 모텔. It took me about 3 mins from the station to reach the motel. Well, I booked this place not because it is very good but becos the staff can speak Mandarin.  I think its quite popular among Taiwanese tourists?  I emailed to them via and also left my enquiry on their websit
They took slightly more than 1 week to reply my email in Mandarin(even though I emailed to them in English).  I checked their website whether they replied my enquiry but I gave up after checking for a week.  In the end, my Korean friend helped me to call.  They requested for payment and I transferred the payment to them.  All I need was to bring the documents that I have transferred the payment and also mentioned my contact number during check in.
뉴프린스 관광 모텔 New Prince Tourism Motel  
보보스모텔 Bobos Motel is nearby New Prince Tourism Motel.
 In fact, there were a few motels near the train stations but I think they do not have any English websites. 

My room is on the 6th floor.

It was quite a spacious room for 1 person.
Switches for the lightings

It was quite a comfortable stay. Housekeeping is everyday.  On the whole, I find the room quite ok but a bit expensive because I came during the peak period(Foliage was at the peak).  I paid 90,000 per room per nite without breakfast.